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"20 Canadian ideas to improve child health win support from Grand Challenges"

WelTel Health

The world's first evidence based, centrally hosted digital health outreach service (Saas)

Elegant solution behind the SMS

Robust and secure software

Big data capture

Can integrate with any existing electronic system

WelTel Health Interface

WelTel's Platform

Built for scale

Built For Scale

WelTel's SaaS is digitally mastered allowing easy implementation.
Server-based, robust architecture and engineering make it ideal for scaling to large numbers of patients and clinics.

World's First Evidence-Based Digital Health Outreach

World's First Evidence-Based Digital Health Outreach

WelTel published some of the first evidence that digital outreach could improve health outcomes and save lives. It partners with world-renowned, leading health researchers to ensure product iterations are informed by proven successes.

Ease of Adoption

Ease of Adoption

Intuitive, easy to use software
Messaging content and frequency informed by patients
Software upgrades supported by clinician and user feedback


"I could no longer do my work without it..."

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WelTel combines the most advantageous combination of quality, sustainability and
cost to meet needs and requirements


Discreet messaging
Connected to care
Secure and confidential
Improves health
Easy to use


Streamlines work flow/saves time
Improves patient engagement
Identifies patients who need care most
Captures clinician/patient communication


Applicable to any health condition
Easy to use
Improves health outcomes
Low cost, evidence-based technology
Big Data Capture


Cost Effective
Saves clinician's time
Saves Health System time & money
Big Data Capture
Easily Scalable
Adaptable to any health condition

Research and Clinical Studies

With over 20 peer reviewed manuscripts published & WelTel International cited over 1000 times

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The goal is simple: improve health outcome and save lives.
WelTel's precision approach ensures that health care resources and appropriate interventions are focused on the
individuals who need them most.

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